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Space Odyssey is First Planetarium in India with a RCC dome and which is situated at village like Dhangarwadi. Shows available in Marathi, English & Hindi. We are member of NASA Museum alliance. We are a good centre entertainment of one & half hour while traveling on Aurangabad-Pune Highway. We have prepared some show packages where people of group 4-5 members or students of 80-90 group can attend show. We have facilities in centre where we can make arrangements of 300 students in a day.

Many things that can not be experienced only through books and internet as there places are not accessible. These things can be experienced with help of planetarium.

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Space-Odyssey Space-OdysseyWe are going to launch our new web portal on 28 October 2019


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Reserve Your Seats to Confirm if You Come with Your Family or Students

You can register to our events. Here you can check availability of seats. For registration you need to register and submit details. After payment you must upload payment details like transaction id, date and amount.

1 Oct 2019

Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2: NASA fails to locate Vikram lander due to 'long shadows' over landing site

10 Oct 2019

Life on Mars

Former NASA Scientist Is 'Convinced' We've Already Found Evidence of Life on Mars

10 Oct 2019

Supernova morphs

Supernova morphs and its shock waves reverse in stunning new NASA video

1 Oct 2019

New Mission by NASA

NASA to Broadcast Launch of Mission to Study the Frontier of Space